Special Offer

First Games produces the whole game and a series of games by order. The game can be developed based on your idea or we can offer you any ideas to suit the market best.


The prices are very reasonable and attractive with the highest quality projects withing the shot terms. The series of games is more profitable and cost-effective due to the templates have been already produced from the previous game etc.


We are very experienced in making series of games by request for clients and have all instruments, resources and knowledge to make the best solution for game development companies and publishers.

We are open to sign an NDA, make a proposal, sign a contract, prepare a vision, run a prototype and realize the project development in about 3-4 months depending on its complexity. We use the most modern up-to-date features like Free-To-play type of games, it’s integration with the social network like Facebook, Twitter, Game Center, offer a multiplatform games for iOS, Android, Windows Phone. The games will be totally made by us but will be produced from your company title.

The business structure ranges from fixed price budget to share revenue – as you are comfortable.