Threshold Game

Developed By:  First Games / Looking for Publisher


Genre Hidden objects / Quest, Drama, Science Fiction
Platform iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone
Graphic Style Cartoon like style
Engine Unity
Social Facebook, Twitter, Game Center
Type Free-To-play
Updates Available for the Publisher
Stage In progress, Open for sell/Publish


– Integration with Facebook
– Competing with your friends
– Best result of your friends for each level will be displayed
– The results will be stored on the passage of time, points, achievements for each of the friends from Facebook – if somebody has found or guess something


– You play as Akim, a “mad” painter or a person who has been lost in the other reality looking for the way from there to find his wife and bring his lost life back through the little mysterious girl from his apparition and her hinting red threads.

– To figure out whether his has got daft or has become a victim of the reality bug, the main hero will have to enter the world of odd obsessions and incredible events, as he uncovers a mystery that affects imagination.

– As you explore an unique art atmosphere of the game, you’ll face the amazing situations which will force you to sympathize with a mad artist.

– It’s up to you to complete the jobs here – find the missing parts of the reality so that to collect the entire key to the entering to the “true” life by solving awesome puzzles.

– Wonderful graphics will paint a storybook picture for you as 2D paintings meet 3D animation.