Eat this Game

Developed By: First Games / Looking for Publisher

Genre Arcade, Action, Puzzle
Platform iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone
Graphic Style Cartoon like style
Engine Unity


Social Facebook, Twitter, Game Center
Type Free-To-play
Updates Available for the Publisher
Stage In production, Open for sell


– 3 worlds with unique style
– Innovative physics gameplay
– Charming cartoon like character
– Outstanding graphics
– Updates with new levels regularly
– Integration with Facebook
– Competing with your friends
– Best result of your friends for each level will be displayed
– The results will be stored on the passage of time, points, achievements for each of the friends from Facebook – if somebody has found or guess something


Move fast, as it’s a puzzle in which you need to demonstrate the speed and allow the hero to eat his sweets, avoiding the monsters and overcoming various obstacles on his path.

Collect different dishes, discover hidden prizes and unlock each new level while playing Eat this game!