Bowling FX



Genre Bowling
Platform iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Graphic Style Realistic 3D
Engine Unity
Social Facebook, Twitter, Game Center
Type Free-To-play
Updates Available for the Publisher
Stage Ready to Published


Main Features:
– 3 worlds with unique style (Hanami, Sci-Fi and Steam Punk)
– Innovative physics gameplay
– Outstanding graphics
– Updates with new levels regularly

Additional Features:
– Integration with Facebook
– Competing with your friends
– Best result of your friends for each level will be displayed
– The results will be stored on the passage of time, points, achievements for each of the friends from Facebook – if somebody has found or guess something

Bowling has become one of the most popular sports in the world, and to master it you must follow the standard bowling techniques that apply to everyone regardless of their play style. Enhance your bowling experiences from the.

How do you throw a hook? How can you consistently throw strikes? Is there a simple

way to pick up spares? Everyone bowls differently. Anyone can throw a good game of bowling at any time. The key to sustaining a high average is knowing when, how and why to adjust.

Chose a right bowling ball and throw! Score a Strike, a Spare, an Open Frame and put everything together to get big result!